Six days and 4 revisions on, WSJT-X is looking stable and far more useful. The best thing to happen for XP users was the addition of a slider for audio input level control. I still don't understand why, or even if, only XP suffers from the over audio problem. If the computers that Joe uses to test on do not have the problem then I would have gone for equalizing the levels for each system rather than adding a slider.

As soon as I installed Ver 02r2713 and adjusted the levels I was able to find OR7T with who'm I had been struggling to make a contact with using the previous version and we completed a text book QSO with JT9-1 both station QRP levels OR7T 10mW and G3ZJO 5mW ERP.

G6AVK had his eagle eye on the 500KHz band, unscheduled this time, he watched and recorded the complete QSO.

Right click and select View Image for full view.

The Screen Shot shows the SpectrumLab view of both signals, and the decoded QSO, you can't get better than that.

Inevitably digital mode QSO's being reported on LF brought out the trolls welcome to the fellowship of like minded radio experimenters.

TEST alternative image link.